Privacy Policy

1. RESPONSIBLE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION. Servicios Aéreos Across, S.A. de C.V. (the “Society”), located in Avenida Juan Salvador Agraz No. 65, Piso 7, Colonia Santa Fe Cuajimalpa, Delegación Cuajimalpa de Morelos, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, Zip Code 05348, has the commit to protect the personal information provided by the users (“Personal Information”) and is responsible for its Treatment (term defined below) when collected through the Web Site (the “Site”) or through printed media and/or by phone (“Other Media”).

2. TREATMENT OF PERSONAL INFORMATION. The Society may request and/or collect the users’ Personal Information through the Site and Other Media for commercial use, release and/or storage by any other means (the “Treatment”) for the purposes mentioned below. The Society and/or any other third party that may intervene during any other phase of theTreatment of Personal Information will keep it as confidential when it has this character according to the applicable Mexican United States (“Mexico”) legal regulations.

3. CONSENT. Logging in or registerin Personal Information through the Site and/or Other Media implies the users’ consent and full acceptance for the Treatment of their Personal Information in accordance to this Privacy Notice.

4. PERSONAL INFORMATION AND PURPOSE. The Personal Information provided and/or registered when user log in and/or registers in the Site and/or provided through Other Media is intended for the Society to provide the usual and professional services including, but not limited to the following:

* To send information and documentation related to the service provided by the Society;
* To hire services provided by the Society;
* To send users advertising, promotions and/or any information related to the service provided by the Society;
* Marketing information;
* Record creation, modification and storage;
* Service customization.

In case the Society does not have the above-mentioned information, it will not be able to provide the user the service requested and/or interested.

5. WAYS TO LIMIT THE USE OR DISCLOSURE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION. The Society has physical, technical, and administrative safety measures to protect Personal Information provided by the users. If the user does not want to keep receiving advertising through his/her personal e-mail and/or printed media and/or by phone from the Society, he/she may request it through [__].mx notwithstanding the corresponding electronic mechanisms created for such matters on the messages received by the user.

6. EXCLUSION OF SITE RESPONSIBILITY. The Site may have hyperlinks or hypertext “links”, banners, bottoms and/or search tools in the “World Wide Web” that when used by the users may transport them to other portals o to Internet sites that may be owned by third parties. Personal Information provided by the users through these portals or Internet sites are not included in this Privacy Notice and its Treatment is not responsibility of the Society.

Within the Site, the users may find: pages, promotions, microsites, virtual stores, surveys, job boards, and other services that may be shared with third parties that could request Personal Information (“Third Party Sites”). Any information related to personal information provided through Third Party Sites shall be subject to their corresponding Privacy Notices except that the Society states it otherwise.

The Society warns its users that some of the Site services may include, without limiting to, the following: discussion forums, personal Internet pages, classifieds, e-mails, chat rooms, among others, therefore Personal Information released through all these media may be, in some cases, accessed by third parties. The Society will not be liable for the use, publication, and/or release of Personal Information used, published, revealed and/or released through the above-mentioned media. Users are asked to be careful and act responsibly with all the personal information provided through these media.

7. TRANSFER OF PERSONAL INFORMATION. The society may disclose, reveal and/or transfer Personal Information provided by the users to a third party within the country and outside including, but not limited to subsidiaries and/or related companies and to suppliers, sponsors, advertisers, contractors and/or commercial partners with the aim to improve, modify and/or customize the service provided to the user. Third parties receiving the users’ Personal Information are obliged to comply with this Privacy Notice and with the Terms and Conditions of the Site and all the applicable Mexican regulation.

The holder of Personal Information provided through the Site accepts its transfer in the terms of this Privacy Notice.


* Access to their Personal Information;
* To amend their Personal Information when data is inaccurate or incomplete;
* To cancel their Personal Information;
* To oppose to Treatment of Personal Information due to a legitimate cause, and/or
* To revoke consent for treatment of Personal Information at any time to cease the use of the information.

The exercise of the users’ rights to Access, Amend, Cancel or Oppose to Personal Information and to Revoke consent should be done upon request to the Society and it shall content at least the following:
* Name of the owner, address and e-mail to receive the response to the request;
* Documents proving the owner or legal representative identity;
* A clear and concise description of Personal Information about the exercise of some of the rights above mentioned (in case of amendment modifications to be performed they should be indicated providing the corresponding documentation);
* Any other element or document that facilitates location of personal information.
To achieve all this the Society makes available to user the following e-mail:

The Society will answer the users’ request no later than 15 working days starting on the date the corresponding request is received through the e-mail provided for this purpose.
The exercise of the above-mentioned users’ rights must be subject to current Mexican norms and regulations.

9. COOKIES AND WEB BEACONS. With the purpose to improve the users’ Site experience, the Society may use “cookies”. For this Privacy Notice, the “cookies” will be identified as information text files that a web site transfer into the users’ computer hardware to storage certain records and preferences. The Society may use “cookies” to better understand users’ interaction with the Site and with the services provided. The Site may allow advertising third party functions sending “cookies” to users’ computers or electronic devices. Through “cookies” users are not personally identified but only their computers and/or electronic devices. On the other hand, “web beacons” are images inserted into an Internet page or e-mail that may be used to monitor any visitor behavior such as storing information at a user IP address, interaction time duration at the Site, and browser type used, among others. Users may change their options in their computing equipment and/or browser to stop receiving “cookies” and/or “web beacons”, or to confirm if they accept them.

10. SENSITIVE PERSONAL INFORMATION. According to current Mexican regulation, “Sensitive Personal Information” is all information that “may reveal aspects such as race or ethnic origin, present and future health state, genetic information, religious, philosophical and/or moral beliefs, union affiliation, political opinions, sex preference”. In case the Society requests Sensitive Personal Information to users an express consent shall be provided.

11. CHANGES TO THE PRIVACY NOTICE. The Society reserves the right to amend the content of this Privacy Notice at any time. Any change to the Privacy Notice shall be informed to the users through the Site.

Once the Privacy Notice is published in the Site, it will be immediately valid.

Date of last update of this Privacy Notice is June 2016.